Is The 04/08/24 Eclipse In Bible Prophecy?

On this Bible Prophecy Decoded post I talk about the upcoming 04/08/24 eclipse.

The April 08, 2024 Great American eclipse has many connections to the Bible. It involves the narrative of Jonah and Nineveh, which had a message of repentance. Is the Heavenly Father giving the USA a warning to repent or face judgment?

Some people are saying that it fulfills Bible prophecy and may point to the rapture.

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Here’s a link to the ‘Does The Revelation 12 September 23, 2017 Sign In The Heavens Point To A Pre-Tribulation Rapture?’ study.

2 thoughts on “Is The 04/08/24 Eclipse In Bible Prophecy?”

  1. Wow, you really did your research. I had no idea about names and places, and why they were named such as they were. It took me awhile to figure out that the Rev 12 sign was false, years ago. Thank you for sharing this and all your hard work, as some of us cannot access you tube any more, without a cell phone or the new double sign in – with phone only access, the gateway device that I will not use. Bless you! Appreciate all you’ve done and are doing to bring the truth to us.

  2. I just tried to give, but link and my CC company will not let me complete it without a stupid phone number for verification. They do not realize that some people do not have a phone, or it’s a very cunning way to force or railroad us into having one. I will find another way. I will not be forced to use a gateway device! So, no buying or selling without it?! What does that remind you of? It’s in their patent. No thanks. I have a free phone connection to our Lord: Jeremiah 33:3. Only one we need. He’s already paid the price. A hefty price. We have been bought and paid for, and are His possession, NOT the beast’s phone connection to the WWW or 666. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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